What is Standing Seam Metal Roofing?

Standing seam roofs are a concealed fastener panel system. They feature vertical legs plus a flat, broad area between two legs. These roofs get their name from their built. They’re made of metal panels that run right from the ridge down to the edge of your roofing. A tall seam finds its place at the edge of the panel. The seam connects with the next panel and appears standing. Usually, aluminum and steel are used to make these roofs. You could even find a blend of two different metals in standing seam roofing.

Types of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Due to the popularity of standing seam metal roofs, many vendors provide a wide variety to win customers. However, very few vendors match the needs of end-users. Topeka metal roofing is a special mention in this respect. Let’s figure out the various types of standing seam roofs.

Panel Profiles

Essentially, panel profiles refer to the shape (design) and the way the panels (two or more) are seamed together. The steepness and your preferences will dictate the type of profile for your roofing. Most panel profiles come in the standing seam category, and this includes a snap-lock, mechanical-lock, and batten panel.

Snap-lock system

These profiles contain panels, roll-formed with particularly shaped edges, and feature a male as well as a female leg. These legs snap together and don’t require mechanical or manual seaming for installation. Snap-lock profiles stay attached to the roofing deck with a clip that connects with the seam and fastens beneath the panel.

Mechanical-Lock System

These panels from Topeka metal roofing are roll-formed using particular edges that align with one another. When the two panels get engaged, a mechanical or manual seamer bends the edges and locks the panels. Mechanical seams can be found in two versions – single (90-degree seams) as well as double (90 degree seams) lock.

Batten Panel

In the batten panel system, the two legs of panels are roll-formed and butted next to each other. Subsequently, a metal cap passes over the legs to make a seam. Finally, the cap mechanically seams in or snaps on in place.

Exposed Fasteners

Conventional metal roofs assemble metal panels locked together, using nails and caulks. Standing seam roofs with exposed fasteners overlap the sheets and lock them together. Instead of nails or caulks, an exposed fastener standing roof uses a washer or rubber grommet for an airtight seal. These are the cheapest standing seam roofs and require minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Nail Flange

The nail flange system resembles the snap-locked panel system. However, the panel is directly attached to the roof deck by fastening the male leg of the panel. After fastening, the female leg snaps above the male leg entirety, which in turn hides the head of the fastener.

Nail Flange

The nail flange system resembles the snap-locked panel system. However, the panel is directly attached to the roof deck by fastening the male leg of the panel. After fastening, the female leg snaps above the male leg entirety, which in turn hides the head of the fastener.

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

At this point, you’re familiar with the various types of standing seam roofs. Now let’s assess the benefits of these innovative roofs.


Modern homeowners prefer durable roofing. This is the reason why people don’t prefer plastic and wooden roofs. They seek an alternative that will protect their structure for a long time. Standing seam roofs made out of metals carry the highest durability. Consequently, they can last long without posing problems.


When it boils down to roofing, many options are durable. However, most of them don’t look appealing. You’ll also come across roofing options that look elegant but don’t last long. Standing seam roofs from Topeka metal roofing bundles elegance and durability in one pack. No matter what shapes and designs you prefer, Topeka carries the desired designs in their arsenal.


Certain roofing options demonstrate the beauty, but they wither out in extreme weather conditions. For example, wood is elegant, but it can’t withstand water damages. Similarly, iron roofs rust and corrode in wet conditions. Standing seam roofs made out of metals are weather-resistant. Whether it’s winds, rains, or sun, the roofing will stand to all such harsh conditions and serve you uninterruptedly.

Architectural Freedom

Gone are the days when structures were either built rectangular or square-shaped. Today, you can find buildings and homes in varied shapes. You may even find asymmetrical homes and establishments. Conventional roofing can’t fix on such structures. However, standing seam metal roofing can fit any shape and design. The existence of this innovative roofing actually lets you work out complex designs without worrying about the top part.


These roofing systems are mostly made using cool roofing coils. Such coils have highly reflective pigments. Consequently, the roofs deliver an excellent task of reflecting sunlight, which dispels the associated heat that most roofing options retain. As such, your cooling systems work for fewer hours and the result is low utility bills.

Why choose Topeka Metal Roofing?

Many homeowners get carried after reading the perks of standing seam metal roofing. Consequently, they make a hasty purchase. Unfortunately, most of these shoppers wrap up with the wrong choice. Why? Many sellers offer duplicate products. Also, certain suppliers charge too much. It’s advised to stay clear of such sellers.

Rather, look for a reputed name such as Topeka metal roofing. The supplier is well-known among customers for offering top of the line roofs. Surf through the huge assortment of roofing at Topeka and you could find a perfect model. If you’re unsure about your choice, seek help from their experts. Their professionals will lend a helping hand and let you pick the best roofing matching your specifics.

Concluding Words

Standing seam metal roofing makes the best choice in any house or office. Whether you’ve a contemporary condo or a traditional structure, these roofs renovate your place elegantly. Plus, they last long and stand to the test of time and weather conditions. All you should do is visit a reliable vendor such as Topeka metal roofing. With a credible supplier by your side, you could pick the best roofing matching your budget and requirements.