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Topeka Metal Roofing has been the #1 roofing company in Topeka for over 20 years. Our team is no only the best in the business but we pride ourselves on doing the job with integrity and passion. Topeka Metal Roofing does it all from Aluminum Metal Roofing Installation, Residential Metal Roofing, Steel Metal Roofing, Standing Seam Metal Roofing, Commercial Metal roofing, Metal roof Replacement, and installation, and much much more. We, not only service Topeka but the surrounding area like Silver Lake, Elmont, Meriden, Grantville and Auburn, and more. 

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Unlike most roofing companies Topeka metal roofing specializes in metal roofing. From commercial metal roofing to residential metal roofing. Our 20 plus years of service has taught us a lot about serving the people of Topeka and surrounding areas. So we do our best to stay ahead of the game. Our bidding process is all done through satellite imaging and with state of the art technology to make your roofing process easy. We also warranty all of our work. For more details please call our office

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Roofing plays a pivotal role in any setup. Whether it’s a home or office, it’s the roof that shields the structure against various outdoor elements and harsh weather. Essentially, roofing serves as the foundation on the top. For this reason, people pay close attention to the roof of their structure. To fulfill the requirements of users, many vendors offer a wide variety of roofing. However, aluminum metal roofing from a reputed vendor like Topeka Metal Roofing is a better bet for many reasons. Let’s figure out the perks of buying an aluminum roof from Topeka metal roofing.

Today, metal roofing is quickly replacing wooden roofs. Even older houses switch to metal roofing. Although many types of metal roofs exist, standing seam metal roofing is a preferred choice for most buyers. Various reasons contribute to the popularity of this innovative roofing. If you’re out on the market to buy this roof, you ought to make an educated decision. Rather than making an impulsive choice, it’s best to figure out the perks of standing metal roofs offered by Topeka metal roofing.

With improvements in techniques and technology, people have become more selective than ever. From day to day simple products to complicated ones, homeowners now prefer better, more valuable items. Roofing is no exception to this contemporary behavior. If you’re on the market to buy a roof, consider steel metal roofing from a trusted vendor. In addition to delivering a plethora of benefits, you’ll gain more value for your investment. Let’s find out the advantages of buying a steel roof from Topeka metal roofing.

Roofing is perhaps the most important part of a structure. Whether it’s a small home or an office, it’s the roof that offers protection against weather and outside elements. However, any roof, no matter its type, is susceptible to numerous damages over time. Heavy snowfall or torrential rains could affect the strength and longevity of the roofing. When that happens, the roof as well as the whole structure could come down. The damages could be serious in the case of a commercial setup. The good news is you may avert any such scene through commercial metal roofing. A top-class commercial roof from Topeka metal roofing offers a slew of benefits.

When it comes to residential roofing, homeowners have many choices. From wood and plastic to metal and fiber, the options are unlimited. You may even go for a customized option. It all depends on your preferences and budget. While wood is a preferred roofing material, it doesn’t last long. Extreme weather conditions may wither out wooden roofs over time. Consequently, you may have to make a suitable replacement early. If you’re seeking a better alternative, go for residential metal roofing. Metal roofs from Topeka metal roofing shine and deliver better results.

Topeka's #1 Metal Roofing Company for over 20 years.

Topeka Metal Roofing is AMAZING! we highly recommend them for any of your roofing needs. These guys came and knocked our roof out, cleaned up and made everything look brand new. Thanks again for our new roof! Love it!
Carrie F.
Topeka, KS
You usually get what you pay for... with Topeka Metal Roofing we got way more than what we paid for. You guys are incredible at what you do and extremely affordable! Good Job.
Bill B.
Topeka, KS
Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! We got a few quotes on our roof and you guys were at the right price and clearly do the right work. we are 100% happy with our new roof and will be referring you to anyone that needs a new roof.
Kim H.
Silver Lake, KS

Our Promise

At Topeka Metal Roofing we promise to serve every customer as our only customer. Every metal roof we install is backed up by our warranty and usually a manufacturer warranty. So if you are looking for a metal roofing company with integrity that you can trust to do the job and do the job right Topeka Metal Roofing is the company you’re looking for. For more questions or to hear more about our metal roofing warranty please contact us here. 785-390-9865